Sunday, 20 January 2008

The PCGamer podcast and me

I am a fan of podcasts. They make public transport bearable, and they are the reason why I have sunk so much time into Football Manager.

I have listened to the PCGamer podcast for a long time indeed. The British one is my favorite, but since they are not so involved in this story I will leave them out here..

PCG USA have been going for nearly 120 podcasts, and every week they have listener questions. These listeners all send in mp3s of their voices, and then the PCGers reply, on air, to them. About a week ago, I decided to send in a question of my own...

A thought had struck me concerning levels in videogames. Building on from Portal, I figured that the coolest setting for a shootout in an FPS would be a mirror-maze.

A great idea? I thought so, so asked those PCGers if it was possable, and they answered my question. They discussed it. That is why I love this story, because it is a great example of how people connect. I was able to share an idea with people on the other side of the Atlantic, who then shared, and built on my idea to the rest of the world of podcasts.

Use this inspiration. Do great deeds, share great thoughts. This is what we made all this technology and civilisation for. This is my epiphany.

This can be heard in PCG USA podcast #115, 40min aprox.

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