Sunday, 24 February 2008

Injured Eduardo

Eduardo Da Silva, the Croatian International, has undergone surgery for a double compound fracture of his leg. The horrific injury came about as a result of a tackle during the Birmingham v Arsenal game, and it looks as if the Arsenal Striker will not play again this season, and may possibly be out for much longer.

This is however, only the start of this blog entry, as my real focus comes about due to the television coverage of the incident. The game was a lunchtime kickoff on Sky Sports, who refrained form showing the tackle that caused the injury. Match of the Day would later show it during the late evening broadcast, but would cut it from the repeat on Sunday morning. This injury was horrific, but was it really bad enough to not be shown on television?

Broadcasters are instructed not to show certain things. One of the clearest examples concerns streakers, who are not shown as they are seeking publicity, and the hope is that not showing them will give them less incentive to streak. Also, it is before the watershed, and there may be some complaints from sensitive viewers. This is an understandable policy.

However, this injury was not an unconnected event, this is a part of the game. This tackle led to a red card, and without seeing the incident it is difficult to judge whether this was deserved or not. The injury was a part of the match, and an unfortunate event nonetheless, there is a feeling that it should be shown. The arguments against this, the gruesome nature of the injury, and the privacy that some may feel the player deserves, are very much rational points.

My feelings are muddled. Should we be shown this, gruesome, terrible injury on daytime television? And if not, is it wrong to want to see what happened?

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