Monday, 23 June 2008

Nintendo Wii

My mother recently decided she wanted a Nintendo Wii. She liked the look of Wii Fit, and so she ordered one of Amazon, and now it is here. Many people will already be aware of the console that you play by waving a stick, and I know I am slightly behind the times in being able to play one now, but I am still quite excited.

I have played a Wii a lot before, round at my friends house, and so I already know how much fun it is. Sadly, having played it a lot before means that the novelty value has worn off, and this is the bit that if fuelled solely by novelty. Wii Sports is a nice free technology-demo, and so I enjoyed playing golf and ten-pin bowling in my living room.

Wii Fit is unique. You stand on a balance mat, which measures your centre of gravity, and instructs you on numerous balance games and muscle workouts. It is enjoyable, and it gives you a sense of success when playing. This is cool, but can also get boring after a while. especially as the game spends a lot of the time insulting you.

And so that is the Wii. I will be off soon to buy Mario Galaxy, and I am hugely excited.

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