Saturday, 28 February 2009


Was playing in the History Society 6-a-Side team last week. Normally I get used as one of the defenders, or an impact sub in the middle, but today, due to injuries and the like, I was implemented as the lone striker. So the game was going OK, but I was unused to being up top, and find myself better at slotting other people in, so I ended up playing mostly as a Cantona, or a Berbatov, if you will. Y'know, coming back to get the ball and then slotting other people in. This worked pretty well, for I was the guy who slotted in another guy with a perfectly timed and weighted pass for our first goal. I also was quite good at pulling away an' making space. There was one cross that came along the ground, when I was free in the middle, which I hit early, (shoulda taken a touch) and while I ended up hitting it accurately, 'twas sadly quite soft, towards the corner of the net, which the 'keeper was able to tip around. My shooting felt slightly rusty. I also was breaking in my new boots, which I am much happier with. More control than with Reebok classics, ya see.

So anyway, things were going good; I had myself that assist. Then they won a corner, and so I ended up back near the half-way line with their last defender, making sure they couldn't slot it back to him. Anyhow, their corner was poorly taken, intercepted, and cleared up ahead of me. I turned quicker than their guy, and I was able to get to it first, but he was right behind me. I knew if I tried the shot first time it would probably be saved, and that he could jump in if I pushed it further on my right foot. So, what I did, I am quite proud of.

You know that 90° almost half a cruyff-turn-flick that Ronaldo has made famous, where you knock it behind one leg to turn 90°? Y'know, only not quite well as Ronaldo. Well, having rolled the ball with me for my first touch, I did that with my second. First time I have ever done it in a match! So now I am heading back inside, with the ball on my stronger left, and the defender behind me, putting pressure on my from the back. The keeper starts to come out, making sure I cannot slot it at the near post, so I hits it hard, and low, across the keeper and into the net. Cue wild celbratin'.

My first goal of the spring season, so naturally, I am quite chuffed.

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