Friday, 7 August 2009

Proof I am an Idiot.

OK, so about a week ago I decided to order a couple o' books of the internet. Reading for the plane and stuff when on holiday. So I order the books, fill in the address, pay for it, and wait for the mail every day to see what comes.

'Bout a week passes and still no books. I check the internet, see that they were dispatched, and look at the dispatch details. "Huh," I say to myself, "that address is odd."

Seems I managed to fill in my Uni halls address, where I no longer live, instead of my home. Doh!

Good news is I emailed my old halls, and they were fine about it, said it happens a lot, an' they were gonna forward my books to me.

Still, proof I am an idiot.

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