Sunday, 25 October 2009

Thoughts On 'Pool v Utd.

Carragher should have been given a red.

If he had walked, everything would have changed. He cynically, and as last man, took down Mickey Owen. If he had gone, United would have had ten mins to get back at 'Pool, who had already taken of Torres. But he didn't. And then N'gog scored.

Neither Vidic nor Mascherano can really complain about getting two yellows. They were both stupid to commit needless fouls late in the game when already on a card.

Valencia was really good though. He gave United an outlet on the right. Time and time again the ball would be spread wide to him, and he had a great game. He looks like a really nice signing. Still not a patch on Cristiano, but then again, nobody is.

Another man who had a great game was Van der Sar, his double save in the first half was very nice.

But the whole game was changed by one move of exceptional skill by Fernando Torres. Not only was he smart enough to stay onside, but he was quick enough to get in ahead of Ferdinand, strong enough to hold off Rio, and finished with an unstoppable shot. A goal worthy of beating Man utd.

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