Monday, 30 November 2009

Why I Hate Dell

OK, so my Dell printer has been of great annoyance for quite a while. Ever since the last one got fried by the crazy electricity of Northernhay, things have not been simple. I phoned Dell got, got a new one delivered, and all that. But the last few months have been driven by a need for printer ink. After a fair bit of searching, I discovered that Dell will only let you buy printer ink directly from them. Which sucks. So, I bought a black ink cartridge, and when it arrived things were looking good.

But no.

The Dell printer wont work without a colour cartridge detected. Even tho' I have no desire to print in colour. And I can't use the old colour cartridge because, for complex reasons, I dont have it anymore.


So, unless someone knows of a workaround, I am gonna have to spend money on a colour ink cartidge. Which sucks.