Wednesday, 30 June 2010

About all these youtube videos...

Dear Mr Dawson,

It has come to our attention that your last three blog posts have all contained youtube clips. While it is understood that directing your readers to a helpful or humourous youtube clip is often a crucial part of any blog post, it has come to our attention that your overuse of this necessity has approached the borders of common decency in this regard. Of your last three posts, all have ended with a youtube clip.

While we have no problem with the content of these clips, (The Ke$ha/Star Trek combo was most entertaining,) we feel that a soft reminder of your duties to the blogosphere are in order. Please buffer your life changing videos, (we need more Old Spice!) with more idle talk about that-funny-thing-what-happened-in-Tesco, or the weather.

If you do not head this warning, swift action will be taken. You connection to youtube will be severed in the only way we, the ConDem Gov't know how - by turning off all the internet! All of Britain will suffer from your short-sightedness! When ordinary citizens are forced to play FIFA against the dull and predictable AI, and have to wait eight months for brand new Futurama to cross the Atlantic Ocean to UK television, hopefully then you will learn your lesson.

You have been warned.


Jeremy Richard Brian Streynsham Hunt
Secretary of State for Culture
ConDem Allegiance of Evil

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