Thursday, 15 July 2010

Never Surrender

I found this while browsing the internet and felt like it could be the inspiration for an amazing blog post. However, I am lazy, and since my work rate is slower than the Large Hadron Collider (I mean, seriously, it is built to fire protons around a twenty seven kilometre tunnel at only three metres per second slower than the speed of light, and they expect it will be several years before the first results? What?) ... as I was saying, slower than the LHC guys, I decided to just show you this interesting anecdote.

"According to the DVD for Monty Pyton and The Holy Grail, the black knight sequence originated in a story told to John Cleese when he was attending an class during his school days. Two Roman wrestlers were engaged in a particularly intense match and had been fighting for such a substantial length of time that the match had degraded to the two combatants doing little more than leaning into one another with their body weight. When one wrestler finally tapped-out and pulled away from his opponent, it was only then that he and the crowd realized the other man was, in fact, dead and had effectively won the match posthumously. The moral of the tale, according to Cleese's teacher, was that, "If you never give up, you can't possibly lose" - a statement that, Cleese reflected, always struck him as being "philosophically unsound".

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