Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sorry for lack of posts.

Sorry about a lack of posts; I've been writing my dissertation, which has filled up my life quota with a whole headache of jumbled writing.

I remember having to decide on my dissertation topic at about 4am the day before deadline, over a year ago now. That was not the first I had given it consideration, of course, but having almost all of my mind working on my second year project, due that same day, an unmarked dissertation proposal was a distant second priority.

I ended up going with my gut choice, but it was a vague and undefined question covering the Pacific in WW2. That was about as well defined as it was a year ago. 'Something something Japan something 1930-1945.'

For this essay I'm finishing writing now, that 'something' has become the history of the Singapore base, the great folly of the British Empire in the 1920s & 30s. It didn't become that until nearer christmas. Partly, it took so long to define the thing because while it was undefined it was in a state of limbo where I could push it from my mind. I had time, so it wasn't a real problem. It's probably my biggest mistake in the whole dissertation, putting defining the question off because that would make the problem too real. It was make it too hard. While it was not a question, but only a topic, I could feel progress through vague research, instead of getting on with real work.

Truth be told, that was not too big a flaw. I dealt with it now, or so I hope. But given how I've handled the whole thing, it's been going pretty well. I don't want to speak more about it while i'm still writing the thing, but I'm sure I'll tell it some time.

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