Thursday, 12 May 2011

Superheroes 2011

There are four big budget Superhero movies coming out this summer, and I am excited for all of them. Here is a quick preview of how I await them.

Thor: isn't shown anywhere in Exeter in 2d, and I have no interest in seeing it in 3d with crappy and expensive glasses. Why is my life so hard!

Green Lantern: was recently given an additional $9million to "fix" the special effects, because that is the most important thing about a movie where computer-generated Ryan Reynolds hits other computer-generated people.

Captain America: Chris Evens is made to look first malnourished, and then later made to look like he is on a boat-load of steroids, using computers. This is awesome.

X-Men, First Class: I paid money to see the Wolverine movie, and wished I hadn't, and then there was a quote about trying to get Twlight levels of angsty self-obsessed melodrama in, and then I stopped caring. Then they released a new trailer, and I cannot wait for this movie. Yes, I am aware that my geek heart is fickle.

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