Monday, 18 March 2013

2013 and the Months of Bad Movies.

In case you hadn't noticed, by the way, there are literally no good films out. At all. There's only stuff life GI Joe 2 and Burt Wonderstone coming out in the next few weeks, and that looks about as enjoyable as tinnitus.

This is literally the worst start to a year, in terms of movies at the cinema, that I can think of.

For example, through these first 12 weeks of 2013, it’s been a miserable time at the box-office. To quote my go to movie website these days, 'There have been only two legitimate box-office hits: Oz the Great and Powerful (us$145 million after 10 days) and Identity Thief (us$123 million after six weeks). It’s so bad at this point that the third and fourth highest grossing films of 2013 are the forgettable Mama (us$71 million) and the putrid Safe Haven (us$66 million). Nearly every weekend this year has been met with either a huge bomb or a major disappointment." Take Jack the Giant Slayer, Bryan Singer’s massive us$200million picture, which came in at just over us$28 million. That's a worse opening than even John Carter, and it’s not alone. Die Hard 5, Gangster Squad, Safe Haven, Hansel & Gretel, Parker...

2013 blows.


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