Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fantasy Football - December 2013/14

December is a busy month. GW14 comes mid-week, and Luis Suarez scored 4 goals, an assist, and 3bpts. He's captained  for 48pts by everyone except Jon & James (who still don't have him). Yaya Toure and Hazard also score major points, and Mike Hackett wins the week with 100pts. I made 83pts, my highest week this season.

Still, there's disappointment as well. Fabian Delph scores a 13pts week, with a goal, an assist, and 3btps. But I've left him on my bench! RVP's slight injury means he misses a third game in a row, and my two Chelsea defenders again fail to keep a clean sheet. And, despite a great week, Andrew scores 1pt more than me.

Transfer news. Paul drops Benteke, who hasn't scored since GW4, for Negredo, while Ross swaps Rooney for Aguero.

GW15, and Mike Hackett wins with 72pts. I have a good week, but not good enough, and Mike moves ahead of me into second. Suarez had another great week, but he'd been captained again by all who had him. I had no real points coming from anyone other than Suarez - my two Chelsea defenders again let we down, only 1pt between the two of them! It's been a disasterous move to double up.

It's a sad truth,  but it's been estimated that 50% of Fantasy Football players become innactive by the end of December, as poor results hit their motivation. James is the first to declare himself out - 259 points off first.

Midweek transfers, and Ross drops Benteke for Lukaku, James drops Giroud for Lukaku, and Jon finally goes Sturridge out for Suarez in. The failures of Beteke this season have been remarkable. A terrifying prospect in August, a true goal-machine, and considered a must have for all fantasy teams. Now, he hasn't scored since his injury in September.

Then it happens - RVP injured, out for a month. It's been a tough 15 weeks for RVP owners like me. Honestly, while it's been only a relative failure, it's been a massive disappointment. I transfer him out for Aguero.

GW16, and Mike Hackett wins again, this time with 93 points. Suarez has another incredible week, yet only Mike and Ross had stuck with him as captain for double the rewards.

Aguero picks up an injury while Arsenal lose 6-3 to City. He could miss 10 weeks with a calf injury. I bring in Rooney, only for him to have an injury scare. Ross drops Aguero for Negredo, and James finally get in Suarez. Paul Hackett is forced by injuries to make four changes at the cost of -12pts.

GW17, and everyone captains Suarez. He scores two, gets an assist, and 3bpts, but this doesn't change the league at all. I win the week with 84pts, thanks to Januzaj, Coleman, and Mertesacker all having strong weeks.

Then, I win a second week in a row! GW18 is on Boxing Day, and points are hard to come by. However, Rooney was my Captain, and he brought in 22pts. People with Suarez captained lost out. After this, I climb back above Mike Hackett to reclaim second in the overall league.

An injury to Ramsey forced me to upgrade to Theo Walcott. Paul brings in Soldado, Andrew brings in Negredo, and Jon swaps Ozil for Walcott.

GW19, and Paul Hackett wins with 61pts. He captained Soldado, who scored his first goal since October. I was second with 56pts, thanks to Coleman, Evans, and Metesacker. GW19 also marked the end of Quarter 2, and the half-way mark of the season. Mike Hackett won Q2 by 7pts, with Andrew behind him, and myself next with 4pts less.

Luis Suarez had an unbelievable month. He earned 91pts on his own in December, and those who captained him every week made twice that. In comparison, Giroud has only made 96pts all season.

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