Thursday, 27 March 2008

France 1 - 0 England

The bubble has burst. England, in one of the most pathetically boring matches ever played, have lost to France, and that was only due to a penalty. We have no good full-backs, a midfield that cannot play with each other, cannot pass and leave massive holes, and no strikers. Not a single true striker, they are all injured, crap, play wide or come deep. This leaves the England side impotent, and open to exploitation by any reasonable opposition. This is why we failed to qualify. Even if we had, can we really believe that this team would have gotten much farther than the group stage? Cappelo needs to work wonders, and he has only two years to do it.

Good news though! David Beckham, one of my favourite players, received his hundredth cap. He also reminded everyone of why he was bad, by stealing the position of the right-back, and being able to do little spectacular in a game with no free-kicks. But, nonetheless, good for him.

We need a miracle.

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