Sunday, 27 April 2008

Pushing Daisies

Every now and again I find a new television show that I really love. Now, I have found Pushing Daisies.

The newest American import to be shown on British television, I love this show. It is a comedic love story, with intertwined murder investigating, and the crux that the two main characters can never touch. It is blessed by a mix of surreal realism, a well written script, perfect performances, superbly assisted by Jim Dale's narration, and a wonderfully life-affirming tone.

This show is brilliant. I love it. I feel blessed that I will get to watch my four favourite TV shows all together; Heroes having just started on the BBC, Battlestar Galactica on Sky, Lost returning in a few short weeks, and now Pushing Daisies.

ITV, however, I hate. They are the ones broadcasting Pushing Daisies, but due to terrible scheduling, only 8 weeks were allowed during which to show 9 episodes, and so ITV decided to miss the second episode of the series. They did not broadcast it.

This sent me spiralling into a world of online downloads, something I have been avoiding for various reason, mainly a mix of morality and cautious mistrust of the internet.

However, I was determined to watch the second episode of this delightful show before continuing with the third, which sits still in my Sky+ box. It took me a while to discover what to do, a long time to download, a while to transfer to my second PC, which has a better monitor, and a while to find a media player that would work, but finally I found a way to watch it.

I am so glad I did, for if this is the quality of the episode they decided to leave out, then my heart skips a beat to think of how great the rest of the series must be.

This is a brilliant show. I love it.

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