Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hancock Trailer

One of the wonderful things about the release of Iron Man, apart from the film itself, is the importance of the month of May to film distributers. You see, the more people who go and see these early summer blockbusters, the more people will see the trailers for the big end-of-summer blockbusters. This is brilliant, because with Iron Man we get to see some new trailers for some of the biggest films of the summer. And I am always excited by trailers.

There were many that I got to see for the first time. A new Dark Knight trailer, a new Hulk trailer and a new Indiana Jones trailer all got me buzzing with anticipation, but they are all films that I have already been very excited about. Luckily for me there was a new trailer, for a film that seemed to have slipped in under my radar. This is remarkable for a script that has been around Hollywood for years, that is heavy on special effects and stars Will Smith, and, Oh God, was it an awesome trailer.

Trailers suffer in general from providing you the impression that you have seen the whole film, and are not excited by the prospect of going to the cinema. Making a trailer is an art, and it can be screwed up. This was a brilliant trailer, because it provided the premise for the film, but left my imagination to build up the content, while being amazed by some brilliant effects work. Luckily, it was helped by my love of Will Smith.

For those of you who remember my Iron Man excitement, you may be able to pick up that I love the idea of superheroes. These films constantly disappoint, with X3 one massive example. They are often flawed. But I based my “Iron Man will rule!” argument of two theories; the character and the ability. Spiderman was relatable, and this is a good thing. Superman was strong, and this was awesome. A relatable and strong character, based around Will Smith, who has proved he can carry a film while using his comedy to build character, as in I am Legend, coupled with super strength and flight, and potentially more, makes this an exiting prospect.

Finally - have you seen how awesome Hancock looks! He flies! I believe he can fly! He throws a beached Whale back into the sea! If Smith can pull this off, based upon a great script, solid direction and convincing effects, then it will be amazing!

July 2nd cannot come soon enough!

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