Friday, 28 November 2008

Arrested Development

I have been watching this comedy show, Arrested Development, and I have to say it is mighty funny.

The premise of the show is that our main charcter is the only normal guy in a family of crazies, who is forced to take over as the head of the family buisness when his father is jailed. This premise cannot possibly explain how aesome this show is. It is both wonderfully relatable and absurd, just the way things should.

The best bit so far? Michael's brother-in-law, Tobias, is talked into breaking into a blind lawyer's house in order to steal evidence incriminating their jailed father. However, the lawyer returns, and it is only cat-like reflexes that keep Tobias from being discovered. Complexly, the lawyer is not blind, but is only pretending to be in order to garner sympathy form the judge, but cannot admit to this, and so beigns a hilarious cat and mouse game, where she repeatedtly tries to catch Tobias, without revealing she can see him the entire time.

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