Friday, 28 November 2008

A Rich Man in Ebay

I am bored, and so am going to alleviate my boredom by pretending to be a Millionaire browsing Ebay. The rules are simple, look for the most expensive item on Ebay, and wonder about how awesome it would be if I was rich enough to buy it on a whim. Of course, I am not looking at Ebay motors, or for any Real Estate.

Books: The Origin of the Species, by Darwin, 1st Edition, one of the most influential books in the history of scientific thought... £39,999. Harry Potter, signed 1st Edition, one of my favourite books of all time, £19,950.

Sport: BAR/Honda F1 display car, has not an engine, but can be sat in and everything. £29,950. Another F1 item, Lewis Hamilton's signed overalls from the Monaco GP '08, £20,000. What about Football? £6,000 for Rivelino's shirt from Brazil v England match during the World Cup in 1970.

Film & TV: Now, this is where I know rich, Future Me is gonna blow money. A signed (left) boxing glove from Rocky, £1,499. A full sized Terminator arm prop, £499. Then the big one - Oh. My. God. Star Wars Stormtrooper Armour. Full size. You. Can. Wear. It.

Clothes & Jewellery: A antique watch from 1670. Still keeps the time. £50,000. A Vera Wang Ivory wedding Dress for £8,000 is the most expensive piece of listed clothing. A Hermes Birkin Crocodile skin Handbag, £40,000 or a Crystal Skull, £13,000. Then we find the really big stuff. A pearl and gold necklace, this thing is fancy, and it is £120,000. And then... 'King Barack', the original painting by Michael Angelo, £9,000,000.

Well, that killed some time. And put me over £10,500,000 in debt. But who needs money when I can be sitting in my display F1 car, dressed as a stormtrooper reading Harry Potter, (er.. I mean Darwin..) occasionally glancing up to my Michael Angelo painting or my Terminator Arm wearing a Rocky Glove? Who needs food when I has that?

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