Sunday, 21 December 2008

24: Redemption

I have to say, I had forgotten how much fun 24 can be. Watchin' Jack Bauer getting caught up in circumstances beyond his control is incredibly tense and makes for one enjoyable tv-movie. As a stand-alone movie, Redemption may have been unremarkable. To be fair, it had a small amount of politics just to remind us that is what will make up the filler of the new season, and some action and torture to remind us that is what Jack wll be forced, by circumstance, towards, but that was about it. As a movie, it was really quite unnecceary. The plot was not one we really needed to see - there was no reason for Jack to go to Africa, and it all seemed rather forced. All this, just to get us set for the new season, with Jack awaiting trial for crimes he had commited in order to save the nation, and what loooks like a conspiracy that the president's son has become involved in. But set us up it did, and now I am excited.

One nitpick. After season 4, Jack went on the run. He had to stay low, to avoid the Chinese. After season 5, he was sent to a Chinese jail, were he stayed until the begining on season 6, after which he fled the USA and has toured less developed countries, such as India and Sangala. According to my calculations, it will be about 8 years since Jack left CTU. Surely, after that length of time, he would be out of the loop of the who's-who of terrorism. But, I guess, after all the plotlines that 24 has been through, this would be a rather small thing for me to be picking up on...

Only a few more weeks, and then 24 is back. But dont forget, those weeks of waiting take place in real time.

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