Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Most Anticipated Film

2008 was a great movie year, with a huge amount of fun had at the cinema. This new year, which I have been calling 2009, look set to be similarly great. Here are the films I am looking forward to the most:

1. Star Trek
I am a huge fan of J.J Abrams, and when he comes along and makes the new Star Trek movie, with a new cast and a fresh outlook, I get excited. After watching the astounding trailer, I. Cannot. Wait.

2. Watchmen
I have been reading the comic, and it is incredible. When this film arrives, it could be mind-blowing.

3. Transformers 2
When I first watched Transformers I was dissapointed. When I saw it a second time I got the point, and realised how much fun it was. Nobody makes a Michael Bay movie like Michael Bay.

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