Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Millipede Sympathy.

So anyways, I decided to buy some football boots. This is a big deal, something I have been considering for a while. Something I have failed to do on many occasions. The trainers I currently own are not that suited for football, they are the wrong shape and have little grip. But they are super comfortable. So I decided to head off to the local Sports Direct January sale, and see what I could find.

First of all I had to decide what type of boot I wanted. Since I would be using them mainly for 6-a-Side on a Rubber Crumb pitch or for playing on hard grass next summer, I didn't really need to get studs. In fact, studs would be bad choice. I also discounted blades as being unnecessary, for similar reasons to studs. And I cannot buy blades anyway, since they are banned for Manchester United players, and I would not want that to be what stops Sir Alex from giving me a call the next time he is looking for some amazing young payer.

So no studs, no blades, but something that gives me a bit more grip. Astroturfs it is. So I kept searching, and finally I found the right type of boot. After finding the right size of Black Diadoras, I bought them and took them home. They are snazzy, black with white trim.

I tried them out in the match this afternoon, which went quite well thank you very much, and they seemed quite comfortable. Infact, I started to like them. So I walked home. That was when they started to hurt. One part of the ankle support really digs in when walking down steep hills, and Exeter Uni is built on one steep hill. This really, really hurt.

I now have a terrific blister, about the size of a penny, on my right ankle. Ouchies!

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