Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Yes Man

So, I went to see the new Jim Carrey comedy, Yes Man, at the cinema. The plot is that, basically, Jim Carrey play a middle aged guy, who is conviced to say "Yes" to everything. This leads to wacky comedy, and romance, and an enjoyable, encouraging film. But, instead of reviewing the thing, I am gonna give ya a few short points for what the film did good and what the film did not do as good as the things it did good.


1. The surounding cast are all made up of people you have seen somewhere else, and liked. The romance is more enjoyable when the girl is likable. You care more about Jim Carrey's friends when you like them. This was a good thing, and made the film far more enjoyable.

2. Uh... it had... um... I guess I sorta liked it despite it's flaws. 'Cos to be honest, I liked it. Some of the scenes made you feel good, I s'pose.


1. Jim Carrey was poor casting. Instead of the guy who can play serious roles, we have the guy who runs about a bit and pulls some faces. It doesn't kill the movie, but it stops it being as enjoyable as it should be, 'cos I cannot connect with my protagonist. Even worse, it seems to lessen the people around him. His friends become two-dimensional, and his girl becomes even more so. Infact, this point streches on as they got the relationship wrong. The film was just put together slightly wrong, and that is a big shame.

2. They sold the plot wrong. Instead it just become an excuse for Jim Carrey to have no control over what happens. Instead of being convinced to try new things and push myself as a person, I get some crap about how I can never say no, and have to watch Carrey do stupid things 'cos someone asked if he would. They just had a good idea, and seemed to be half-way to making it, before tey went in a totally different direction.

3. They insulted Marx for a cheap gag and inferred he was a terrorist. Fine, you wanna make a terroism joke, go for a terrorist. Dont target one of the most important political thinkers. It just pisses me off.

4. Making him the guy who approves or rejects loans, but recklessly cannot say no to anyone, and thus approves all loans, during a time when we are in a major economic crisis on the back of reckless lending, kinda puts a dent in this whole theory that saying "yes" to everything is a wonderful principle.


JM said...

Yes Man is based on a true story, so the plot is somewhat sacred. Jim Carrey has done serious stuff, and I liked him in it, but it is hard not to see Ace Ventura sometimes.

On the whole, is it good? Should I see it?

Iain "DDude" Dawson said...

Hmmm... Yes, I liked it. And I supppose it is quite good. I am glad I watched it. But, I do think I liked it more than it deserves to be.

It has some good laughs, and some nice sentimental bits. You may find you like it. But I cant "recommend" it. Not when Slumdog Millionaire and the Wrestler are both out.

Hope that helps.