Tuesday, 31 March 2009

International Lying Day

Okay, so it is International Lying Day, the one day of the year when all news or information you read becomes untrustworthy to the point of pointlessness.

Here shall be updates of the best April Fools Jokes as I find them:

1. Alan Shearer appointed Newcastle Manager. Ha ha ha. Yes, right. Alan Shearer, who has been linked constantly with the Newcastle job for simply ages, but has been sensible enough not to kill his own career with such a suicidal appointment, has finally given in? Almost had me guys. A headline not repeated yet on Sky Sports News or Football365? Very funny BBC. Wait? This is true!? AAH!?

2. New Star Wars Trilogy Announced. Over on the Movie Blog it was announced that George Lucas had announced a new trilogy of Star Wars films, set 100 years after Return of the Jedi.

3. Guradian to publish all stories on Twitter. The Guardian Newspaper announced they were to tweet all their stories. Given away as a joke for definite when they anounce later that the print newspaper will fade away as a result.

4. North and South Korea prepare for an eruption of hostilities in Seoul. This is due to their quest for World Domination. War is set to break out according to Wikipedia.

5. In tonight's football, England will tonight have to sit through a six-and-a-half minute national anthem, the world's longest, sung by the Ukrainian team. This is from the Sun, and could actually be true considering how long we had to wait for some teams during the World Cup...

I am sure there are more about... but this bores me. I am off to make a sandwich. Hmmm... I have Ham. I have Cheese. This shall be toasted and then have Branston Pickle on top.

"Branston Pickle? You must be joking!"

I never joke about Branston Pickle.

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