Sunday, 19 April 2009

Best of Twitter

So, after looking about on twitter, here are but a few of the best updates from other people, deserving of being shared with you. There are many more, but I want to go watch Lost.

Pentadact - My new mouthwash is delicious. It can't possibly be doing anything.

Pentadact - Bag of Maltesers: lovely. Bag of Revels, in which the first five randomly selected items all turn out to be Maltesers: ninth circle of hell.

bonzrat - Oh no. The cat has learned how to stand on the power button on my PC. The war for my attention has been won.

bonzrat - I do miss the days when Battlestar was just about spaceships shooting each other and robot sleeper agents, not all this crappy mythology and religious dogma.

TheInkTank - An Honest Synopsis. STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE: Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.

CcSteff - I consider low-fat cheese to be the gravest personal insult.

adamisacson - Saying, "That's what happens when a hunter does the gathering" will not help your wife understand how you just blew $260 on groceries. And still forgot milk.

Theoban - I think I've been using my iPod Touch too much. I just tried to close Firefox by pawing at the X on the screen.

botherer - I haven't hold-punched anything for years. I miss hole-punching. Stapling is just not as fulfilling.

botherer - Holding the cat up to the clock fails to convince him how long he has to wait until he gets fed.

botherer - I heard post come through the front door, and keep checking Gmail to find it. Please help.

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