Monday, 22 June 2009


Went to the beach today. Exmouth is only about 15mins on the train, and is like, £1.50 return. And the sand is fantastic! Still a pain as it get in hair/room/bed/food/eyes/nose/ears/etc, but worth it when the weather is this good. Today was brilliant, it got just the right level of hot and sunny without being sweltering. Sat around most of the time while there; also got burger and chips from cute ice cream lady, with the coldest lemon fanta ever, and played some beach cricket - which is entirely unlike regular cricket as their is no intention to run, or really to get people out. Since there is no bounce on the sand, the bowler has to go underarm, so the batsman can just whack it and watch the fielders go for spectacular dives and catches 'most every time. Yay!

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