Monday, 28 September 2009

My Day

Good thing about this week is I get to wake up slowly. I had time to watch an episode of House with my cheerios, and there was no huge hurry to have my shower. Then I tidied up the publicity posters, an' stuff, for History Society; we want a big push to get freshers in for the Prague Trip in January. After this I realised I was hungry again, and that it was lunchtime. I went downstairs and was goin' to do myself some sausages, when I realised I don't know how to work our gas oven!

See, tho' I have been here in my new house for a week now, I have not had to cook any meals in my own gas oven. Friends' house has an oven, and I would more often cook and eat over there. They also have a gas oven, but they have a button that clicks an' makes a spark (I assume) which lights the gas. Our gas rings are lit by one of those lighters with a long neck, an' I figured the oven was lit in the same way, by putting the lighter-flame to the gas at the back... but then I decided I couldn't be bothered with sausages and so had a sandwich instead.

I had bought an unsliced half-loaf, and had some of that. I didn't find the need to slice my own bread quite so barbaric as expected. Anyhow, once bread had met ham, cheese and pickle, that was that. I also took a swig from some orange juice (no bits means easier washing up) and it was then back to my laptop to take the His Soc posters up to campus for printing.

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