Friday, 27 August 2010


It seems that while I was away, an big story broke.

Triceratops, for all two of you who have forgotten, is the coolest of dinosaurs. It is the one which has three horns... one on the nose, like a Rhino, and two over the eyes, looking like someone who's put hairgel on their incredibly long eyebrows and is now using them as a weapon.

They were the coolest.

But scientists have come to a shocking realisation. The new theory is that Triceratops were not actually Triceratops at all, but actually juvenile Torosaurs. This explains why no adult fossilised Triceratops has ever been found.

Now, we already now that cases of mistaken prehistoric identity are common, but I never thought it would hit the coolest of them all. The Han Solo of the Dinosaurs.

And so the curse of Jurrasic Park strikes again. Is science determined to prove everything from that movie wrong?

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