Monday, 14 April 2014

Fantasy Football - March 2013/14

GW28, and I win with 68pts. Andrew and Jon are close behind with 64pts and 65pts. Suarez breaks his recent goal drought, with a goal, two assists, and 3bpts. Ross was the only one not to captain him. Benteke, however, scores twice after four goalless games, and it's his points that won me the week. Still, I'm dissapointed. I had Skrtel on my bench, and he earned 8pts. Even worse, Andrew had him and he colleceted those points.

GW29 is a shortened week. Due to FA Cup matches, only five games take place. Transfers are scrambled to get eleven players into our fantasy teams. Jon transfers out Suarez! A massive gamble as he tries to catch the leage leaders, i.e me.

In the end, Jon is the biggest winner. He totals 69pts, with Hazard captain and two Chelsea defenders. He moves ahead of Mike, and into third in the league. Andrew had a good week, with Hazard captain and 54pts in total. I made 42pts. I only had 8 players, none of them strikers; Andrew and Jon both had 10 players.

That marks the end of Quarter 3. Jon was the winner with 598pts. Andrew made 580pts, and I made 526pts. A high scoring quarter ends as we move into the final matches of the season.

GW30 is won by James. His made 64pts. I was second with 55pts, and Coleman being my star man. Ross and Jon lost out, not captaining Suarez in a week where he scores, assists and collects 2bpts.

GW31 is one of the biggest weekends of the season. 15 matches means some potentialy huge double gameweek scores. In preparation for this, I bring in Lukaku and Nolan for Benteke and Tom Ince. Jon gets Silva for Lallana and Ross buys Dezeko for Eto'o. Andrew plays his wildcard! He now has both Suarez and Sturridge, lets Hazard and Koscielny go out for Silva and Zabaleta in, and clears out all his Man Utd players.

On the Saturday and Sunday, Andrew is the winner. He earns 113pts, with a mighty 40pts from his captain Suarez, and with 21pts for Yaya Toure and 17pts for Skrtel. This is would be the best two days anyone has had this season, but for James. He made 107pts, thanks to captain Suarez, Toure and Oscar. But that'll rise to 123pts if he's lucky and has Mutch coming of the bench with two goals and an assist.

In comparison, I only made 69pts for the weekend, and that's 10pts less than Jon, who's catching up even without the points from Suarez. Annoyingly, I have 18pts on the bench between Lallana and Snodgrass.

Midweek, and Dzeko scores twice, as Lukaku gets a goal and assist. This means GW31 ends with Andrew earning 184pts, I earn 121pts, and Jon earns 108pts. James totalled 143pts (without Mutch) and Mike 140, and Ross lost out only on 110pts. With everyone in triple-figures, it was a massive week. Andrew played a massive wildcared, which effectively wraps up the league for him this year.

Andrew and Jon both buy Ross Barkley, and I move out Evra for Azpilicueta.

GW32, and James wins with 73pts. I come last with 56pts. Suarez scored and assisted for 18pts as captain. Jon chose Rooney as captain for 26pts, which was the difference between him and I.

March ends, and it was a good month for Andrew. He 410pts, and he's now 165pts ahead of me with only 6 games left of the season. After a busy month, Jon only made 6pts more than me, and is way behind catching me for 2nd place. James had a great month, but remains in last overall.

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