Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fantasy Football - April 2013/14

GW33 starts April off, and I make 57pts thanks to Lukaku and Suarez. I brought in Azpilicueta to double up on Chelsea defenders, and that proves a smart move as they keep a clean sheet. Ross was the only person to earn a higher score this week. His 67pts came thanks to Dzeko and Silva, as City beat Saints 4-1.

Jon then transfers out Rooney for Sturridge, as he tries to catch up with me for second place.

GW34 is another good one. 64pts, thanks to Marshall, Mirallas, Coleman (the core of my team all season) and the doubled-up Chelsea defenders. Again, Ross won the week, outscoring me thanks to David Silva. His captain earned 24pts!

I transfer out Mirallas to make space for Gerrard. Andrew drops Yaya Toure for Juan Mata,  and Ross drops Hazard for Mata. He'd earned 31pts in his last 2 games, and the bandwagon is hot.

GW35 is a good one for James and Jon, who earn 60pts and 59pts respectively. I only made 43pts, the lowest in our league. I had Coleman on the bench, and missed out on his 11pts, and also missed a Snodgrass goal. Jon had Raheem Sterling earn 18pts, for his two goals away to Norwich.

Then, I play my wildcard! I've been hoarding it all season, and now I cash it in for the final weeks of the season. Jon has been catching up on 2nd place, and I need a strong finish. Out go the two Chelsea defenders. Out go mainstays like Coleman, Marshall, Giroud, and Shaw. The new team has 3 Man City players, Borini and Alonso from Sunderland, with Gerrard, Ramsey and Eriksen to pick up extra points.

Meanwhile, Jon climbs aboard the Mata bandwagon, and he also buys Aguero.

GW36 is won by Ross with 86pts. Jon made 73pts, and I had 51pts. Borini was my only player to score. Jon captained Mata and he scored twice, making the difference. James had a team including Mata, Yaya, Bony and Koscielny. They all earned between 12-14pts.

At the end of April, Ross won the month. Jon came second, and he earned 29pts more than me. It's the third month in a row he's outscored me, and he's catching up on my 2nd place. I'm catching on Andrew, but he has such a lead, it's an insignificant victory.

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