Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Stargate Continuum

Stargate used to be a fun show, but everything ends and so did it. However, it did not die! Instead, two straight-to-TV movies have been made, to test the fanbase for a full feature length movie. As you may recall, the first of the came out a several months ago, and was a wonderful end to a good show, wrapping up all the loose ends. Sadly, this ends everything on a whimper.

The plotline of this involves the last villain remaining changing history, and (some) of our heroes being the only ones who know the old timeline and try to restore it. But do they have the right to change history, yada yada yada...

I have a huge sense of déjà vu, because this is a story that the writers would produce every few months for the series, and after the first dozen times of alternate timeline you start to get a bit bored. I am not going to pretend that SG1 was always a classic show, almost every other episode would be terrible, and this follows that trend. The action was poor, there were no funny lines, no sense of tension or adventure, nothing that made the show great in the first place. Just an excuse to bring back all the people who had died, because, guess what, in an alternate timeline, all those villains are still alive! Alive with very fleeting cameos!

I guess I might be being a bit hard, maybe it was not as bad as I feel. But it did nothing for long term fans, and it was in no way inclusive to people who had not watched the show before. The problem is that I have been waiting for this for a year-and-a-half. Not eagerly waiting, but expectant, hoping that with this much time to produce and edit, the end product would be shining example of a fine show. However, this was a poor finish, and that is a shame.

And one week after this is released, the sister-show, Stargate Atlantis, is announced to not be picked up for a sixth season. This movie killed Stargate, and it was badly made and badly written. That is a bad result.

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