Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Suggested Captions

A woman in California recently woke up to discover an Alligator on her front garden. I have a couple of suggested captions for the accompanying picture.

1. Captain Hook knew, even in witness protection, he would never be safe...

2. I am just gonna poke it with this stick...

3. The Keep Off The Grass sign was always obeyed.

4. “Ssssh! They can’t see me if I keep... very... still.”

5. A far better trick than a plastic spider on a string...

6. The free gift with Extreme Pets Monthly was rather over the top.

7. We are gonna need a bigger stick...

8. “As an Alligator, am I still allowed to cry Crocodile tears?”

9. Far more effective than a Dog at keeping door-to-door salesmen at bay.

10. Step 1 – Alligator; Step 2 - ?; Step 3 – Profit!

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