Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Thoughts On The Champions League

So, that is it. Manchester United will play Barcelona on May 27th. Man, that should be a good game. So, what do I think?

1. I am so much more excited for United v Barca. Why? 'Cos Chelsea are tougher opposition! They battle, they work, they can play. Barca are determined to score their "perfect goal" and have real trouble against top quality opposition. When Barca scored, I felt a weight off my shoulders, like United really were one step closer to lifting the trophy again.

2. Can't be fun to be a Chelsea fan. Six years a row they have been in the semi-finals, only once they make the final, and there they were a spot-kick away from victory, only to drop it. I do actually sympathise.

3. I really do think United are going to win. OK, partially I am biased, but mainly 'cos Barca have to play without their entire first choice back line! No room for the suspended Alves, suspended Abidal, or Gabriel Milito still out with his torn cruciate ligament, and the injured Marquez. Oh, and Caceres is pants. Dodgy at the back? Against United! Looking good.

4. But I don't want to get too over-confident. Barca are an incredible team. 100 goals in 34 league games! Last week, they beat Real Madrid 6-1! They are definitely the best team outside England. Potentially a cracking final.

5. Ronaldo is the best player in the world. Some people don't like his personality. Some don't like his style. Some people say he is lazy. I don't care. He is the player I love to watch, whenever he gets the ball, I believe. And when he turns up, when he gets going, he wins games. He wins titles.

6. I feel a huge amount of sympathy for Fletcher. Incorrectly sent off, and now he misses the biggest game. And he is a great example of Sir Alex getting things right. He stuck with him, and now he is coming in as one of the most reliable player in the United squad.

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