Sunday, 28 February 2010

I had a dream...

NOTE: When I started writing this, it seemed like a "good" idea. Now I have written it, it seems a shame not to publish, even though this is a post of a dream I had, and as such the lowest point a blogger can reach.

So. Last night I had a dream. Wayne Rooney and I were carrying a football goal into the middle of a field. We put it down, found our football and started playing. However, before long, there was this earthquake, and the ground started crack. We had two cars, and for some reason decided to split up. The ground was now collapsing around my car, and the road was now in a rainforest. Then there were these scientists fighting mercenaries, you could tell they were scientists because of their lab coats, and the mercenaries were winning, but I scared them off.. I can't remember how but I assume it was beacuse my car was a transformer.

Anyhoo, the scientists were all dead, except for one, who said they were protecting this egg, and that I needed to get it to the University of Bolivia. So I got in a plane, with the scientist, at a runway that was behind the trees, and then my brother phoned me (even though the phone reception must be poor at 30,000 feet), and told me that it was snowing in london, and that this was connected somehow, but he couldn't explain why over the phone, and would meet me at the University. (Of Bolivia).

So, we got the to university. And we got the egg to the science lab, and it started to crack, and all these crazy tentacles started to come out! And the scientist told me to run! And so I ran! But I had no idea where to go, but the tentacles kept chasing me.

See this is the middle act of my dream and abolsutley nothing happens. It is just me running through a building trying to escape from these crazy tentacles. Frankly, any decent editor would cut it down, but it kept going for ages.

So, the scientist phones me, and tells me to get to room 314 to kill the monster. And I am now trapped in a classroom, which has a small window in the corner. I try to get out, but just before I can, the tentacles come in, and I have to sneak past, 'cos they are like the monsters in half life that have no eyes and only attack on sound. Anyhoo, I stay quiet, the monsters decide I must not be here, and move on. So I go through the window on the other side, but before I jump I see that the drop is like 20 feet! Ah! But the monsters are behind me, and I know room 314 is down this way. But still, it is a long drop.

So I hang off the window ledge, and then I drop, and I land in the middle of a basketball game. I then I run off the basketball court, outside and across a field, (the weather is now a storm for some reason) and back to the science lab, which now has room 314 in the corner.

So I go to the door...

And I open the door...

And then I wake up.

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