Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mass Effect Ending

So, I am still playing Mass Effect. Other things have happened, but they all plae in importance when compared to the life of Commander Shepard. All will probably talk more about it once I am finished.

Anyhoo, for now, enjoy this: "Earlier today, Gabe from Penny Arcade let the world (of Twitter) know he had beaten Mass Effect 2. Stating that he made numerous decisions that weren’t necessarily the best, Gabe’s opinion of the game was still extremely positive. Shortly thereafter, Gabe tweeted about losing something by the end of the game, without fully disclosing details. A number of Tweets accusing him of spoiling the ending of the game led to his Tweet explaining himself:

cwgabriel: every persons game will be different. There are a hundred different decisions to make. There is no way I could spoil your specific game.

This immediately led to one of the most impressive efforts of Penny Arcade fans. A number of fake Mass Effect 2 endings began popping up around the interwebs stating potential endings for ME2."

Here be some of the best:

At the end if ME2 you discover Shepard was a ghost the whole time.

Shepard trades in the Normandy for the Heart of Gold, and goes off in search of the Question to the Ultimate Answer.

Shepard discovers the princess was in another castle.

Shepard is writing cheques his body can't cash.

Shepard is actually the Man in Black AND the Smoke Monster!

Shepard discovers he is inside the Matrix.

The game is going really well, and folks are just starting to get into where the plot may go. Then Fox go and cancel the series.

Shepard, I know you saved the galaxy, and imma let you finish, but Call of Duty had one of the best endings of all time.

Shepard had the power to beat the collectors all along, he just had to believe in himself.

At the end of Mass Effect 2, you find out that Shepard is Kaiser Soze!

Then he goes back to Omega, sees the blown up statue of liberty, and find out it was Earth all along.

Shepard kills Dumbledore.

At the end of Mass Effect 2 you find out that Shepard is Shepard's father.

Shepard gets a letter, turns out Doc is in the year 1887 and isn't really dead! Fire up the Delorean and gun it to 88mph!


In order to escape a Collector ambush, Joker takes the Normandy through the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.

Shepard is the final Cylon!

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