Monday, 22 February 2010

Time Management

So, what things have I accomplished in my big "weekend-of-work"... what with this big essay due tomorrow morning...

+Started watching season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. (Barney in old man make-up!)
+Watched the (live!) anniversary episode of Eastenders, where the muderer was revealed.
+Did some (white!) laundry.
+Saw Manchester United lose to Everton. (Save us Rooney!)
+Spent longer cooking (and washing up!) than was wise.
+Watched The Hurt Locker. (Epic film!)
+Started a game of GalCiv. (Slowly winning an inter-galactic war of attrition!)
+Played football (It was cold!) for about two hours, up on campus.
+Went to the pub. (Yay!)
+Watched Community. (It was the Xmas special!)
+Slept in far later than planned. (I regret nothing!)
+Wrote this...

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